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Emmanuel Ballet Academy have gone digital! Please come and join us and get the benefit of our wonderful online learning environment.

We are thrilled to be able to extend and enhance our student’s learning with Movitae’s digital technology made especially for dance schools. Movitae enables us to communicate and share the latest school information, class videos and notices with our school community quickly and easily, and means you have everything in one place! Teachers will be sharing the latest conditioning exercises, class techniques and practice assistance which students can access from home or anywhere!

Our Movitae online environment empowers parents to participate in the learning process and allows us to develop the potential of every student whatever point they are at in their dance journey.

To sign up to Emmanuel Ballet Academy on Movitae just ask your teacher.

About Us

The Emmanuel Ballet Academy has as its motto "in Pursuit of Excellence", and the aim of the Academy is to ensure that dancers aim at the highest possible standard, reaching their potential in all aspects of ballet.
The Academy was originally the Chere McGregor Dance School. Many very happy and successful dancers passed through the school during the 14 years that it ran. Following a 2 year break Chere decided to return to teaching with the aim of producing dancers of the highest calibre, using what is undoubtably the greatest teaching technique and syllabus available today.
"Established in 1930, the British Ballet Organization is justly proud of its heritage and continues in the tradition of its famous founders. The name Espinosa is recognised worldwide as one of the most important influences in the development of dance and the training of dancers. Founders: Edouard Espinosa and Louise Kay. The BBO seeks to create an atmosphere of care and support for the individual within a unique 'family' ethos. The emphasis is on awakening and nurturing within students the physical, emotional, artistic and expressive qualities and challenges the art form provides." bbo.org.uk
All classes are taught from the British Ballet Organisation (BBO) syllabus, and dancers will have the opportunity to sit examinations or assessments each year in the grade they are studying. Opportunities will aso be available for students to learn dances for competitions, and the Annual Production will be open to all who choose to participate.
Our aims are summarised in our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

  1. Challenging students to achieve excellence in technical performance in an uplifting and nurturing atmosphere maximising the potential of every student.
  2. We believe that your child’s first ballet experience should be their very best. Our goal is to inspire your child to dream and dance in the enchanting world of ballet.
  3. We follow a set curriculum specific to the age levels and based on a proven technique.
  4. Our class sizes are limited to ensure adequate personal attention for your child.
  5. Dance classes close to maximum enrolment are also staffed with an assistant teacher.
  6. Communication is key at our dance studio! We are persistent in our efforts to make sure you feel fully informed.
  7. Our Annual Production is open to all students who choose to participate.



Miss Chere Chere (known by the students as Miss Chere) started dancing at the age of 3 and has been involved in the dance world ever since. Her first few years were with Beryl Quay and then she moved to be taught by, and later teach for, Dawn McAlpine. Following her return to New Plymouth in 1991 she started teaching dance again and in 1999 she started the Chere McGregor Dance School, teaching ballet, jazz and tap, using the British Ballet Organisation syllabuses.

She is an accredited BBO teacher, and an examiner for BBO Australasia, and is excited to be back in the studio with the opportunity to transfer to a new generation of dancers the great love of dance that has been such a great part of her life.


Maia Maia McGrath has been dancing since she was 3 years old and has been very successful in dance competitions. She recently passed her BBO Intermediate Foundation Ballet and Grade 8 BBO Tap examination, both with distinction. She received two Gold Medals for her performances in the BBO Theatre Dance Awards and is currently working towards her Intermediate qualification in both ballet and tap. Maia is an accomplished gymnast who competed for many years in Women’s artistic gymnastics (floor, bar, beam & vault).

She will be assisting and demonstrating in the AcroJazz classes and Tapatak for Junior students. .


Jade Jade Parsons has been dancing since she was 3 years old and has been competing in dance competitions since the age of 6, with much success. Jade has recently passed her BBO Intermediate Foundation Ballet and Grade 8 BBO Tap examination, both with distinction. She is currently working towards her Intermediate qualification in both Ballet and Tap. Jade received two Gold Medals for her performances in the BBO Theatre Dance Awards and recently received an award for the Top 5% in Dance as a year 9 student at NPGHS.

Jade will be teaching and assisting in Ballet, Acrojazz and Tap.



main studio

We have two purpose built studios. The main one is approximately 8 metres by 14 metres (110 square metres) and the second studio is approximately 5 metres by 11 metres. Both studios have floors consisting of flexible 18mm floor ply on a timber subframe. The subframe is supported on rubber feet placed 600mm (60cm) apart. The effect is that of a conventional sprung floor and is very kind to the dancers’ ankles, knees and hips, greatly reducing the possibility of injury. The main studio is covered with a Harlequin tarquett ballet flooring and the second studio, used mainly for tap, has a polyurethane finish to give good resonance for tap. All dancers who have tried the floors have been greatly impressed.

As can be seen in the photo above one wall of the main studio is covered with mirrors and has 2 ballet barres, one standard height for older dancers and one lower for the smaller dancers, each 10 metres long. The barres are placed in front of the mirrors to make teaching more effective. There is also a barre along the back wall. The second studio also has a barre along one of the longer sides.

The studios are available for hire for individuals, groups, or workshops. Please contact Chere 021 07 100 35 for details.



Please note that this is an interim timetable, and may change depending upon demand.


3.45pm Primary Ballet
4.45pm Grade 2 Ballet
5.45pm Private
6.30pm Intermediate Ballet


3.30pm Grade 1 Ballet
4.15pm Private
4.45pm Grade 3 Ballet
5.30pm Grade 5 Ballet


11.00am Intro2Dance Ballet
3.45pm Pre-Primary Ballet
4.30pm Private
5.00pm Grade 5 Ballet
6.00pm Intermediate Ballet
7.15pm Private


3.45pm AcroJazz Level 1
4.15pm Private
4.45pm Private
5.15pm Intermediate Foundation Ballet


3.45pm AcroJazz Level 2
4.45pm Grade 5 Ballet
5.30pm Group Ballet


9.00am Private
10.00am Intermediate Foundation Ballet
10.00am Tapatak (Studio 2)
11.15am Private



All uniform requirements are available at
Promenade Dance & Sportswear
33 Currie Street
New Plymouth
06 7588333

Intro2Dance (Pre-School)

• Any colour leotard with skirt or short dress
• Pink ballet socks (nylon)or pink tights
• Pink or white canvas ballet shoes (with elastic)
• Dance cardigan (optional)

Pre-Primary and Primary

• Pink Chloe Dress M/D
• Pink ballet socks (nylon)or pink tights
• Pink canvas ballet shoes (with elastic)
• Pink cardigan (optional)

Ballet Grade 1, 2 & 3

• Navy Faith leotard M/D
• Pink ballet socks (nylon)or pink tights
• Pink leather full or split-sole ballet shoes (with elastic)
• Navy or Black cardigan (optional)

Ballet Grades 4 & 5

• Navy Juliet leotard M/D
• Pink tights
• Pink leather full or split-sole ballet shoes (with elastic)
• Navy or Black cardigan (optional)

Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

• Black Bronwyn or Juliet leotard M/D. Optional Black Skirt
• Classic pink (nude) transistion tights
• Pink leather full or split-sole ballet shoes (with elastic)
• Pointe Shoes
• Navy or Black cardigan (optional)
• As an option coloured leotards may be worn.


• Girls - black Chloe or Bronwyn leotard with Black V front Shorts
• Black leather jazz shoes (no shoes for Thursday class)
• Boys - T-shirt with black shorts

Boys Ballet

• Black Shorts or Black stirrup leggings
• White T-Shirt or Leotard
• White socks
• Black or White canvas shoes with elastic


  1. Classes are being formed for Term 1 2017 but it's still not too late to enrol
  2. Open Days will be held on Sunday 22nd and Sunday 29th January from 1pm to 3pm. Come along and check on classes, timetable and the size and setup of the new studio.
  3. For all Intro2Dance enrolments, introduce a friend and receive 50% off your First Term fees for both children.
  4. To enrol your child phone Chere - 7511 613 or 021 07 100 35


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